Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BB clinic in Redmond

It was a great clinic again this year in Bend, the Horsemanship 1 class had around 30 riders in it of all levels. There were a lot of good questions and Buck gave us the time to ask and answer all of them, Horsemanship went till amost 1:00 everyday, the third day it ended at 1:30. Ranch Roping had a small group of riders and some very talented ropers. Some friends of Bucks came over from Haines and these two young men where a pleasure to watch rope. Maybe one day, I might be able to throw some of those more difficult shots. Over the next couple post, I will be posting my thoughts and comments on what Buck said and what we did in the Horsemanship and Ranch Roping classes.

Enjoy the Journey


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